Bret Hart on Predicting The Rock’s Success

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Bret Hart on Predicting The Rock’s Success

Legendary WWE Hall of Famer, Bret Hart, recently spoke about predicting The Rock’s success many years ago. Bret is considered by many to be one of the best wrestlers of all time. Many say that he is actually the best wrestler that the world has ever seen.

His storytelling in the ring was far superior to any wrestler of his time.

Bret Hart on The Rock's Success

He spoke about The Rock on Confessions of the Hitman. He stated that he knew that The Rock would be successfully as soon as he saw him wrestle for the first time.

The Rock got into professional wrestling after his football career ended. "When I first met [The Rock], I met him in the dressing room," Hart recalled. "He had played with the [CFL's Calgary] Stampeders and got cut.

And I think Owen was one of the first guys to talk to him about [pro] wrestling being an alternative, like, maybe being an answer. Like, 'why don't you do wrestling?'" Hart also stated that he knew that The Rock would become the biggest professional wrestling star in the world within 5 years after debuting.

"And all I know is when he started for WWE at the time, I had been off when he started. I had a hiatus at the time. I came back and I remember walking out, and this was in England, in London, and I remember watching Rock wrestle.

And he was doing dropkicks. I remember watching him and he was doing everything. He was like a natural born athlete, he knew all the wrestling stuff, all the basic stuff. He had lots of charisma in his comeback. I remember telling somebody, 'five years from now, he will be the biggest star in wrestling.'

" Hart added. "And I knew it." The Rock, just like Bret, was surrounded by professional wrestling during his childhood. The Rock’s father was a famous professional wrestler called Rocky Johnson. "He was a guy who grew up in the business, much like I did," Bret Hart said.

"His dad was a wrestler and he was, I'm sure he still is now, one of the nicest guys you'll ever know. And I don't ever remember him not being a nice guy, just a total class act. He's a gentleman and a fun guy.

I remember he would sing in the dressing room when he was getting changed, and he would sing, and whistle, and stuff like that. You could tell he was talented, and I always liked Dwayne."