Is Lars Sullivan making a comeback to WWE?

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Is Lars Sullivan making a comeback to WWE?

One of the faces who walked the WWE rings for entire weeks, first at NXT and then on the main roster, both on Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown, and then disappeared from the rings due to an injury for over a year from June 2019, is Lars Sullivan.

The 32-year-old's real name is Dylan Miley who assumed the ringname of Lars Sullivan. Sullivan who joined the company (which was also his debut in the world of professional wrestling) in 2013, was the monster heel of the Vince McMahon-owned company, who for months terrorized the rosters of all three of the company's main brands, sowing hatred, panic and pain in the WWE wrestling crew.

After having been through all the colors, with the wrestler who was first accused of racism, then with an injury which was immediately followed by another even more serious and especially after the online emergence of some adult-only videos that Lars allegedly recorded before his arrival in the wrestling rings , where a very young Sulivan was entertained in a very "happy" way with other men, the mammoth WWE athlete has literally disappeared from every type of plan of the company, however never being officially released until now.

Is Lars Sullivan training to return to the WWE rings?

After more than a year of forced stop, it would seem that the WWE athlete still under contract with the company, (Sullivan has not even returned to the cuts that WWE made in April to its rosters), is back in an important way in gym, as if he were to return to in-ring action soon.

He has posted several pictures on his official Instagram page, which from the outbreak of the controversy over his person, Sullivan first made it untraceable and then private, the athlete's work in the gym is back to being at full capacity, with a number of pounds lifted by the truly remarkable wrestler.

For the moment, however, according to what was reported by the well-known ocean site Ringside News, there is said to have been no discussion regarding the wrestler's return to the rings of the WWE among the executives, with Lars Sullivan who despite being still under contract with the company, remains for many a character who can never be "rehabilitated", due to the known facts about him, before and after his arrival to the rings of the McMahon company.