Analyst explains reason for WWE's choice to have Payback after SummerSlam

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Analyst explains reason for WWE's choice to have Payback after SummerSlam

In the last few days, we've been talking a lot about the next two special events that WWE will be broadcasting from the Amway Center in Orlando, which has temporarily become the new "home" of the federation that is based in Stamford, from which the WWE crew will air the weekly tapings and monthly PPVs with a whole new method, with the brand new ThunderDome that was only launched a few days ago, becoming an integral part of the company's upcoming shows, making the federation's shows much smarter and more interactive, with Summerslam and PayBack airing in just over 10 days from now.

Through ThunderDome, the company aims to mitigate its broadcasting woes and its launch coupled with these events' scheduling is the trump card WWE seems to be holding onto, to steer the company back into flourishing business.

The strange thing that has made a lot of talk in recent weeks, was in fact the choice by the WWE to stage not one but two PPV in the space of a single week, with professionals, online journalists and fans. who were in fact surprised by this unusual will on the part of the McMahons.

Dave Meltzer explains why PayBack is one week after Summerslam

As reported by the well-known Wrestling Observer journalist, Dave Meltzer, the WWE one would be an experiment to see how the reaction of WWE Universe fans will be to the Summerslam finale, which most likely should have a huge final segment that will close the Big Four summer, with that of PayBack which will, therefore, be a must, after what will happen on Sunday.
In one of his updates in the Observer Newsletters, Meltzer revealed: "Just an experiment to see how it works.

They (the management) must have an idea for a hot angle coming off SummerSlam that they felt needed an immediate follow-up. That or, it was just an idea they are trying." In practice, for the moment we only know that WWE Universe fans will surely be amazed once the most awaited PPV of the summer is over, with PayBack being the natural consequence of what we will see inside the rings of the company and this should keep fans glued to the screen throughout WWE programming week. SummerSlam will take place the coming Sunday (23rd August). PayBack will be held the following Sunday on 30th August.