Former WWE wrestler Dan Matha arrested after not attending trial

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Former WWE wrestler Dan Matha arrested after not attending trial

Bad news for a former wrestler who was under contract with WWE until a few months ago who, after being fired in April 2020 right during the very difficult moment in which the Stamford-based company decided to release many Superstars under contract with the federation for many years.

That move did not go so well with the wrestlers some of whom not only criticised the company's decision but also vehemently said they would not return if they got a callback. Among these there was also Dan Matha who, unfortunately, was arrested recently on charges of not having presented himself in court for a trial in which he was accused.

We do not know any further details about why the wrestler, whose last match dates back to March 7 in an NXT house show in which he lost to Tyler Breeze, was charged. Now the 32-year-old wrestler, who is also known by the name of Dorian Mak, who appears to have been arrested on Monday, as reported by Wrestling Inc, will have to be put on trial.

After the end of his contract with the WWE the boy, who in fact had been used relatively little at NXT except in some episodes and in some Live Events, had no longer appeared in any other federation nor have rumors been heard about its possible signature with some other independent federation.

Who is the arrested Dan Matha: He was a former WWE

As we know and we have been able to guess from the choices that the company has made on him, in fact there were no plans for him that, however, thanks to a really powerful physique, had been signed by now in 2015 with the idea of work on him, on his talent.

In fact, however, he was considered little more than a jobber on the yellow show and, after relatively quickly disappearing from television shows, he began working on house shows across America. When, however, these were blocked due to the global pandemic, which effectively forced WWE to stop holding Live Events but to remain at the Performance Center in Orlando (although it is news today that both Raw and SmackDown are will play from the next episode in the Amway Center in Orlando), his presence within the Stamford company has no longer been considered indispensable.

Thus, in a surreal atmosphere to say the least, in a sort of "spending review", it was decided to fire Dan Matha.