Triple H announces new WWE draft is in the works for October

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Triple H announces new WWE draft is in the works for October

After having talked about it long enough for several times, it seems to have now arrived the official from the upper floors of the WWE management, regarding the implementation of a new Draft for this 2020, which has been a very special year for fans of the WWE Universe and for the company itself, as well as for the whole world of the pro-wrestling discipline, with fans and companies that had to fight their first global pandemic after that of the early 1900s, the "Spagnola", which took place about a century.

After moving some athletes fairly quietly from one roster to another, having some guys switch from NXT to the main roster or from Smackdown to Raw, such as Mustafa Ali on the red roster or AJ Styles on the blue one along with NXT's Matt Riddle, it would seem that now there is a confirmed date to have a new draft in the WWE rings, confirmed by Triple H himself.

A new WWE Draft in the ring is coming in October

As confirmed by the Chiel Operating Officer (COO) of the Stamford-based federation during one of the usual presentation conference calls for the new NXT TakeOver, in fact, Triple H said:

"The pandemic has definitely changed the reasoning and mentality of our business, with different protocols.

and procedures to follow 'hey, we'd like to move some talents, we'd love to' and so you'll see a new draft later in the year. You definitely have to think about it a little more, about all the changes we can make, but in the long run, it's better for everyone."

Although a specific day in October has not yet been decided to stage this special episode or more special episodes of the Draft, it now seems certain that these changes will take place, despite the numerous turnarounds that took place during the year, which led the WWE management to postpone all plans for such changes, without a real and concrete motivation behind doing so.

We will see, now, which WWE Superstars will take part in this draft and who will, from Raw, Smackdown or NXT, will have their membership rosters changed, to create new storylines with characters that have never before crossed their path with the federation that is based in Stamford.

This is yet another positive move from the company that in the past few days has announced a couple of other decisions to help it recover from the pandemic-related problems.