Triple H hints at closure of subject of accusations against Velveteen Dream

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Triple H hints at closure of subject of accusations against Velveteen Dream

The story linked to Velveteen Dream, the NXT wrestler accused by an underage boy of sending him some unsuitable photos, so to speak, is really thorny. The wrestler, as we know, was absent from the yellow show screens for a very long time, and then came back, taking everyone by surprise in the episode of August 13 in which he had the opportunity to take part in a match that was valid for a chance for the North American title, but he was defeated.

Regarding this unpleasant story, which still seems to be shrouded in an aura of mystery, at least from where the media is seeing it, Triple H had the opportunity to speak. However, the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Chief Operating Officer (COO) tried to put water over the lingering fire as if trying to definitively close this unpleasant matter.

The right-hand man of Vince McMahon in the WWE, who is also the former's son-in-law, in fact, declared that he had not found anything unsuitable in the behavior of the boy, whose real name is Patrick Clark Jr, and then added that he no longer wants to talk about this fact.

Has WWE closed the Velveteen Dream case?

At the same time, however, The Game stated that the Stamford-based company took this accusation very seriously and that they investigated thoroughly without finding any illegality or any wrongdoing that could put the wrestler, who until this episode was one of the stars of NXT, in bad light.

We recall, in fact, that in recent weeks the same guy who denounced what could have happened has publicly underlined how he has never been contacted by the federation regarding this matter. This fact has cast further shadows on the case but, at least on the part of WWE, it seems all settled.

However, it should be noted that the company in the past has always been very attentive and vigilant on these issues: although slightly different, the Enzo Amore case is emblematic. We will see what happens with Velveteen Dream who in the meantime, however, unlike his former colleague, is back on screen with the company and seems ready to stay there, with the aim of resuming his prominent place within the yellow show.