Another exit in WWE: This time, it's presenter Renee Young

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Another exit in WWE: This time, it's presenter Renee Young

It has been news that has come like a bolt from the blue that Renee Young, commentator and interviewer on WWE Backstage and the official WWE presenter of the FOX broadcast together with Booker T, is now on a collision course with the federation.

Apparently, her farewell now seems definitive and imminent, with the official announcement that should arrive shortly from the Stamford-based federation's offices, after the management makes a decision on how to announce the matter.

The wife of the AEW world champion, Jon Moxley (who was previously seen in the WWE rings as Dean Ambrose), has been working with WWE for several years now, that is, since 2012, with her intention always being one of remaining with WWE after all the work done since the debut of the company's Canadian broadcasts.

However, with her husband having spent last year in the All Elite Wrestling rings, the two had thus begun to see each other often every other week. But the commitments of both who did not allow them life on the road together and that saw them separated even when the beautiful Renee had tested positive for the novel virus.

Will Renee Young really leave WWE anytime soon?

Apparently, the only "confirmations" that have arrived online now are those of the well-known pro-wrestling site, PWInsider, which has "sold" the news as quasi-official and has said that the hypothesis would be confirmed in the following days from multiple (internal and external) sources of the Stamford company.

Furthermore, for the moment, the possible causes that could lead to the real break between the two parties are not known, with Renee Young who seemed satisfied with her work until a few months ago, despite the cancellation of WWE Backstage and other projects of the company by McMahon.

Also according to what was reported by the well-known American site, Renee Young is also said to have contacted the senior leaders of the federation a week ago, informing them of the fact that she wanted to exit the company as soon as possible so that she could thus be with her husband Jon Moxley on the rings of the AEW, if there was the right offer made to her, perhaps even with a completely new role compared to the role she currently has in WWE.