Arn Anderson on Vince McMahon and the God's Corner at Backlash 2006

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Arn Anderson on Vince McMahon and the God's Corner at Backlash 2006

One of the most memorable angles seen in the rings of the Vince McMahon-owned federation can easily be that of Backlash 2006, where the Chairman of the Stamford company, Vince McMahon, in a full feud with the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels, invited none other than God to fight.

alongside HBK, making fun of the historic fighter of the federation, who had thus remained outnumbered against the Chairman and his son Shane in the PPV, precisely because God had not appeared in the ring. In the last episode of his personal podcast, WWE Hall of Famer, as well as current AEW road agent and manager Arn Anderson, wanted to stop and talk about that famous 2006 Backlash segment, saying that probably, every now and then, Vince McMahon did get a little carried away by the storylines, especially those in which he was personally involved, also touching quite sore points as far as fans and believers are concerned.

Backlash 2006: Vince McMahon's invention of God's corner

Pressed on various topics by the other interlocutor of the evening, Conrad Thompson, Arn Anderson also said about the segment of HBK and the McMahons:

"Sometimes you go too far and what you think could be entertainment, becomes instead something.

pulled too long. That was one of those segments that didn't do the business any good. It felt like we were going astray. When you make a decision and decide to put those ideas into action, then you have to make it entertaining.

But someone else did not like it and above all the storyline was not taken in the right spirit, and many were literally crucified for this." He could not have chosen a better statement to make it clear what happened to the writers held responsible for the failure of the storyline between the WWE Chairman and Shawn Michaels, with the only culprit of something that had to be the patron of the company itself.

For those who do not remember how it went that night about 14 years ago, there is a popular short video in which Vince McMahon can be seen introducing the tag team partner of his arch-enemy of the time, Shawn Michaels. A lot has changed for the company since that event.

These days, the federation and McMahon are busy preparing for the upcoming PPV SummerSlam (to be held on 23rd August), and PayBack that will be held on the Sunday after that, on 30th August.