Triple H on WWE beyond Vince McMahon's death

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Triple H on WWE beyond Vince McMahon's death

In recent years, in WWE and around it, there have been many thoughts and possible scenarios regarding when the main boss of the federation, the company Chairman Vince McMahon, will leave the shack, either by dedicating himself to a well-deserved retirement or like everyone else in the world, by dying.

Many are in fact convinced that Vince McMahon will never abandon his creation of a thousand battles, the WWE, after having really seen it cooked and raw, with thousands and thousands of problems solved in TV shows or with the greatest misfortunes that Vince has had to deal with over the years, literally putting his face on it first.

Triple H: "Many will not be able to see Vince's death"

In his last interview released to the microphones of the Bill Simmons Podcast, Triple H wanted to talk about the longevity with which people like Ric Flair or Vince McMahon still walk the ring, always remaining active both with the mind and with the body, despite their age.

has long since passed 70 years. Speaking of his father-in-law and WWE's Nature Boy, HHH declared:

"Flair usually jokes about it and says he sees something special and there are many people who believe it, that he has a gene that lets him pass any disease or any health problem and he can also abuse it - by not eating healthy or exercising - he will live long and healthy anyway.

It's just like those people who occasionally manage to get to 100 or more years and still go on. We usually say that Ric has these genes too and that's why he was able to survive everything that happened to him and that's why he's Ric Flair.

If anyone else has this gene, that's Vince. There is something about him and I am convinced that when he passes away, and I am sure that most of us will be gone before him, then they will find out what was special about that man and those like him."

Not wanting to (or maybe doing it on purpose), Triple H, who is Vince McMahon's son-in-law wished his father-in-law a very long life, hoping for him to live for over 100 years and therefore still live at least another 25 years, given that Vince celebrated his 75th birthday on 24th August.

McMahon has spent most of his life leading his beloved WWE with great effort and dedication, leading it to the global success it has today, with the COO who believes that the federation patron has almost a superpower, like Ric Flair, that allows him to live long despite everything that happens around him.