Roman Reigns reportedly not set to wrestle at Hell In A Cell

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Roman Reigns reportedly not set to wrestle at Hell In A Cell

After regaining the Universal title in the Payback ring, with the help of Paul Heyman who was also fundamental on this occasion, Roman Reigns has returned to "reign" on the blue show of the Stamford-based company as Universal Champion, after several months of absence, with the Big Dog that on his return, however, showed off a decidedly different attitude than the one with which he was absent.

After being away from the scene since before Wrestlemania, with his return to the ring only arriving in Summerslam, Roman Reigns is in fact joined by WWE Mad Genius, Paul Heyman, who was recently orphaned. by Brock Lesnar, his long-time client, who among other things is no longer even a WWE Superstar after his contract expires.

Update on Roman Reigns

According to some hypotheses made by the well-known journalist Tom Colohue of Sportskeeda, Roman Reigns could soon pass in the ranks of the red roster of Monday Night Raw, with a long reign as a Universal champion that the WWE would have in store for him.

“The plan at the moment is to have a long Championship reign – Brock Lesnar style – with a few more Championship defenses. He will be defending the title at Clash of Champions, likely against The Fiend Bray Wyatt.

And after that, The Fiend becomes the long-term goal. The Fiend becomes the chaser. He’s not going to be feuding with anyone inside the Hell in a Cell, that will be going to someone else. I strongly suspect that we’re going to see a brand change between the WWE and Universal Championships”.

This means that Roman Reigns’ feud with The Fiend won’t be taken to the next level inside Satan’s Structure in October, but the two men could go to war at Clash of Champions later this month, even though Reigns is expected to retain his new Championship.

With WWE Draft right around the corner, it’s thought that there could be a number of changes to Raw and SmackDown. This could mean a move over to Monday Night Raw for Roman Reigns while the WWE Champion at the time would then head to SmackDown.

According to the well-known overseas journalist, therefore, soon we should have the famous Draft that should bring Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns in their respective roster against, always if they are still the holders of the maximum titles of Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown at the time of the change.