WWE is reportedly considering cutting back on Live Events permanently

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WWE is reportedly considering cutting back on Live Events permanently

There was a time when WWE house shows represented the main source of income for the company, which made huge sums of money by organizing even very complex trips for its Superstars, engaged in every corner of the world. Today, however, that source of revenue has been replaced with other revenue streams, such as large television deals.

So much so as to give rise to the hypothesis that Live Events may never return (with Europe and Italy which would in effect fall within the territories affected by the heavy cut). It was suggested by Dave Meltzer on his 'Wrestling Observer Radio'

The expert journalist, during a reflection on Brock Lesnar and his very small working schedule with WWE, let it slip that among the cuts that the company is considering for the coming months there would be precisely that of significantly reducing the journeys of their stars.

This could remain so even when the health emergency is definitely behind us. "This is one of the things I've heard in recent times," Meltzer explained. "WWE are thinking very deeply about what is the best way to cut costs even when things get back to normal.

And that their answer will be. cut Live Events quite a lot. And I don't know if that will be the case, but they could also eliminate them completely."

Rumors on WWE Live Events

For decades, event ticket sales have been the way wrestling promotions made the most of their money.

Even in the Attitude Era, WWE made a significant amount of money from ticket sales, merchandise, and PPV purchases. Over the past decade, however, WWE has seen its TV rights skyrocket as ticket sales have dropped dramatically.

To the point that in recent years, the company has recorded small gains or sometimes even lost money by organizing Live Events. Hence the sensational hypothesis, which had already been talked about last May and then denied.

But which now could be topical again. Another hypothesis, perhaps more realistic, according to Meltzer, is that WWE continues to organize some house shows, while avoiding having four a week in addition to broadcasting Raw and SmackDown.

It was noted that this will reflect changes in the business itself, not just WWE. AEW only works TV and while Japanese companies may still tour, it’s becoming a “big event business, not a rank and file house show business” in the future.

It was noted that this will most likely affect house shows more than the major network shows like RAW, SmackDown, or NXT.