WWE's AJ Styles reveals he tested positive for virus

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WWE's AJ Styles reveals he tested positive for virus

In the last period, several WWE altars as well as presenters, ring announcers, legends and road agents of the federation, have revealed that they have tested positive for the famous virus that created a world pandemic, with the latest names known only in chronological order being the very famous The Rock, whose contagion has led to sick even his wife and daughters and also the legendary Kevin Nash of the WWE, with a closer family unit.

AJ Styles became the latest famous personality to announce that he had tested positive for Coronavirus. The former Intercontinental Champion of Smackdown in one of his last interactions on Twitch admitted that he had recently fallen ill with the infamous pandemic virus , which, however, did not force him to special cures or treatments and which in fact did not even bring him symptoms that were too heavy.

AJ Styles reveals he tested positive for virus

After learning that The Rock, his children and his wife had also fallen ill, AJ Styles wanted to throw a virtual hug to the former WWE champion, admitting that he too had the virus infection.

AJ was responding to a fan's question about The Rock's situation. That's when he lifted the lid on his own battle with the virus by saying, "I feel for people who have to deal with this, but I gotta say - I didn’t have that many problems with it.

Hopefully The Rock and his family are safe and everybody’s taken care of, and nobody has too bad of symptoms and stuff. It sucks. It’s not good for anybody, but yeah - The Rock and family testing positive for COVID sucks, man.

It sucks. Hopefully he doesn’t see a lot of symptoms and he and his family get over it pretty quick" Then, AJ Styles called himself "one of the lucky ones" because he was able to fight the virus and get healthy again fairly quickly.

Styles moved back to SmackDown after getting into a backstage altercation with Paul Heyman while on the RAW roster. The altercation stemmed from Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson being let go as part of the roster cuts. Styles was told it was Heyman's decision to let them go, but Paul denied it when Styles confronted him.

After Styles went directly to McMahon, Vince told him it was Heyman's idea. The fact that Styles felt that Heyman lies to him caused quite a rift and AJ ultimately demanded to be sent to SmackDown to get away from him, but Heyman is now part of the SmackDown roster.