Rob Van Dam discusses working as the first major opponent for Brock Lesnar

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Rob Van Dam discusses working as the first major opponent for Brock Lesnar

Rob Van Dam is the only wrestler to be a Triple Crown Champion of both WWE and ECW. Part of the Philadelphia federation's Triple Crown Championship is the ECW World Television Championship, of which RVD was the longest holder (700 days).

He was also the last holder of both the European Championship and the Hardcore Championship, which he unified with the Intercontinental Championship. In ECW he was also twice World Tag Team Champion with Sabu. In WWE he won his first title in 2001, the Hardcore Championship, which he will win four times.

He was also six-time Intercontinental Champion (ranks third after The Miz and Chris Jericho for most reigns, tied with Jeff Jarrett), once European Champion, twice WWE World Tag Team Champion (with Kane and Booker T) and once WWE Tag Team Champion (with Rey Mysterio).

He also won Money in the Bank in 2006 and was the only wrestler ever to simultaneously hold the WWE Championship and the ECW World Heavyweight Championship. Speaking with Jeffrey Harris in an exclusive interview for the 411 Wrestling Interviews Podcast, Impact Wrestling star, ECW/WWE alumnus, and former WWE World champion Rob Van Dam discussed working as the first major opponent for Brock Lesnar in WWE.

Rob Van Damm on working with Brock Lesnar

“I did. I didn’t know him that well. But Paul [Heyman] was really high on him, so Paul was like the middle man that was standing there when I was talking to Brock earlier in the day.

And Paul was talking about, ‘Brock Lesnar is going to give you his finishing move, the F-5.’ I went, ‘What’s that?’ And Brock looked at me and goes, ‘I’m going to have you up here on my shoulder,’ and then he reaches up, ‘No, I’ll have you like — Like I’m gonna,’ and then he goes, ‘I’ll just get you.

Don’t worry about it.’ And I was like, ‘Huh.’ My whole career, I’ve noticed that people expect me to be lighter than I am because I’m always, always close to 235. It goes up or down a little bit, but I’m always around 235.

And I’ve had people say, ‘Do a crossbody. I’ll catch ya,’ and then they blow their knee out and then they’re mad at me because I’m heavy. So, I remember thinking, ‘Wow. This guy. OK, let’s see what he can get,’ and he picked me up for that F-5, he made me feel like I weighed five pounds.

He’s the strongest guy I’ve been in the ring with. And I do enjoy working with him. I’m a fan of his athleticism. I’m a big fan of his in general, so I love it when he’s got like a UFC fight or whatever" - Rob Van Dam explained.