The Miz on the importance of the WWE Intercontinental title

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The Miz on the importance of the WWE Intercontinental title

Over the course of his long Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) career, The Miz has held the WWE belt once, the Intercontinental title eight times, the United States Championship twice, and the tag team title on both SmackDown and Raw.

In a long interview granted to Uproxx, the 39-year-old from Parma analyzed his evolution in the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), which led him to become one of the most popular superstars both inside and outside the ring.

Together with Kofi Kingston, The Miz is the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestler who has won the most titles in the decade 2010-2019.

The Miz: "Here's how I got better at the microphone"

“The race for the Intercontinental title was truly special, perhaps the most relevant and prestigious belt in all of WWE.

AJ Styles held the Intercontinental title, as did Jeff Hardy. It is not a recognition that is given to anyone. It's a valuable asset on SmackDown. People watch SmackDown for this as well and I feel I have an important role in trying to make it more prestigious and relevant ”- explained Miz.

The 2010 Money in the Bank winner is also known for his outstanding microphone skills. "I remember when I joined WWE no one wanted to talk to the media on Mondays, because everyone wanted to be fresh for Monday Night Raw.

"I said that I was available to get up even at 5 am and do interviews all morning. It was a way to enrich my vocabulary and my exposure skills. All this work has allowed me to feel comfortable with a microphone in my hand.

"I have to admit - if it wasn't for reality TV - I wouldn't be where I am today. I would never have had the courage to leave Parma and move to Los Angeles. At the beginning I went to a wrestling school, an acting school and an improvisation one.

"I spent all my money to improve and get to where I wanted to be, which is a WWE superstar. I never forget where I come from and the sacrifices that went into making my dream come true ”- The Miz concluded.