*Spoiler* Two big names injured on Friday Night SmackDown

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*Spoiler* Two big names injured on Friday Night SmackDown

Hurricane of news in the episode of WWE SmackDown aired on Friday night in Orlando. As we could see, the blue show has brought out major developments regarding current Universal Champion Roman Reigns' next opponent, about a longtime duo grappling with huge problems and even an announcement from Bray Wyatt who will keep everyone with the hold your breath for the whole next week.

In the meantime, however, two important injuries have also occurred, on which the WWE itself wanted to publish an update. Obviously, these are indications to be taken with a grain of salt: communications of this kind made by the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), in fact, could both frame a real clinical situation of those directly involved and limit themselves to continuing the storylines in progress in the blue show.

The two Superstars in question respond to the names of Sasha Banks and Big E.

The SmackDown injuries of Sasha Banks and Big E: What WWE has explained to us

Speaking of the Boss, WWE wrote on its website that "Sasha Banks suffered an apparent knee injury" after the attack just suffered in the SmackDown ring.

What happened immediately after, with a blow to the neck that was stuck under a chair made it necessary to use an ambulance. So the former Raw champion "has been taken to a local medical facility and is being evaluated."

The situation of Big E is different, forced to skip the Fatal 4-Way with the role of first challenger to the WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns at stake. In fact, for him there is talk of "muscle tears" as the cause of Sheamus' attack, which made him painfully collide with a car.

Also, in this case, there is talk of "ongoing exams" taking place soon at a local health facility, and the real conditions of Big E (but also of Sasha Banks) should probably be clearer in the coming weeks. In its post, WWE said, "INJURY UPDATES: @SashaBanksWWE has been taken to a local medical facility following a brutal attack by @itsBayleyWWE, and @WWEBigE is also undergoing tests after suffering lacerations as a result of an attack by @WWESheamus on #SmackDown."