Backstage news on Daniel Bryan not appearing on WWE

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Backstage news on Daniel Bryan not appearing on WWE

One of the many faces that have disappeared from WWE televisions in recent weeks and months, responds to the name of Daniel Bryan, former multi-champion of various categories of the WWE, who together with several colleagues is now missing the appeal of the Superstars used in the rings of the weekly shows for some time.

Apparently, the absence of the former American Dragon is said to be intentional, with the former WWE Champion choosing to stop and thus having nothing wrong with his physique or behavior, as some were already beginning to speculate.

After the birth of his second son, who thus went to keep company with little Birdie, Daniel Bryan decided to make his family risk as little as possible, preferring to stop temporarily with the shows broadcast by the Amway Center and before that with those of the Performance Center.

Update on Daniel Bryan

According to what was revealed by the always ready Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, there would also be further details that would have led the former WWE Champion to be absent from the Friday Night Smackdown rings, with the well-known journalist who in the past few hours has in fact reported in one of his usual updates: "Daniel Bryan is not back yet even though he recorded some stuff for Smackdown and is now part of the creative team.

His not returning to Orlando coincided perfectly with his wife's late pregnancy, with Bryan's absence from the shows which was therefore a precaution Daniel took for the health of his wife and child. Furthermore, the wife had already expressed her intention several times not to let her husband continue to work, who has also gone through serious health problems with the immune system in the past and has now only been giving birth for a month."

Apparently, it should take some time before we can see the former "goat face" in the WWE rings, given the delicate situation inside the Bryan-Bella house, with Brie's husband not however, he would suffer from no injury and could therefore safely return to the McMahon rings as early as this night, should he or his wife want.

Bryan has not wrestled since the June 12 SmackDown episode, where he lost the Intercontinental Title tournament finals to AJ Styles, who has since dropped the title to Jeff Hardy. Bryan made a non-wrestling appearance on the June 19 episode, but apparently has not been back at the Performance Center since then.

He made an appearance on the July 3 SmackDown episode, but it was done with Zoom. While Daniel Bryan has been away, the Observer notes that he has filmed some things for WWE, and has remained on the creative team.