How much time has WWE tacked onto Jeff Hardy's contract?

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How much time has WWE tacked onto Jeff Hardy's contract?

Jeff Hardy and his brother Matt previously signed the WWE return contract at the same time and duration. Unlike Matt Hardy, Jeff faced a totally different path and his contract was frozen due to his injury and vacation taken for personal reasons.

While Matt let his WWE contract expire and landed in All Elite Wrestling, Jeff is still in WWE where he faced a very interesting storyline against Sheamus and which saw him grappling with a fairly particular plot focused on the abuse of substances, a situation that he actually experienced on his skin, a storyline adapted to his reality.

Rumors on Jeff Hardy

Recently the WWE, as reported by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, has decided to add another 20 months to the agreement with The Charismatic Enigma and therefore the permanence of the wrestler in WWE is now certain.

Jeff Hardy has had shoulder, knee surgery in the past and WWE has considered adding another 20 months to his contract. Hardy is currently an International Champion in WWE, and the federation has given much prominence to his single wrestler career recently, far more than his brother previously.

Now it's not certain what Jeff Hardy will do about this proposition but he appears confident that WWE is really counting on his performance. In WWE Jeff Hardy is experiencing a kind of second youth and few would have imagined seeing him still at this level.

He recently made interesting statements, here are his words: "I consider myself one of the most original InterContinental champions of all time. Macho Man Randy Savage was one of the reasons that prompted my brother and me to start watching wrestling.

There are so many champions who have held this belt, which gives me further confidence that I am still a WWE champion. Maybe I could get to the Universal title, who knows. It's nice to enjoy the present and keep winning."

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE decided to tack on an additional 2o months to Jeff Hardy’s deal. This won’t see Jeff Hardy’s contract expiring for quite some time. Jeff had shoulder and knee surgery and other issues and WWE decreed that he owed them 20 more months and tacked that on.

We’ll have to see what Jeff Hardy decides to do in this situation. He could elect to re-sign with WWE. They typically pushed him as a singles star far beyond any push his brother received. This could be a very interesting situation when the time comes to talk about a new deal for the Charismatic Enigma.