*Spoiler* Roman Reigns will defend his WWE Universal Championship against...

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*Spoiler* Roman Reigns will defend his WWE Universal Championship against...

In today's episode of Friday Night Smackdown, the turn Heel of new WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns emerged again, who, along with Paul Heyman, ushered in the new kingdom on the blue roster show. The American wrestler of Samoan origins looked very confident in this new guise and said he felt ready to dominate at SmackDown.

The manager of the WWE Big Dog has called a Fatale 4-Way Match to SmackDown to determine the name of the challenger in the next Pay per View of Clash of Champions. Initially Big E was supposed to participate in the match, but the former Tag Team champion was, before the match, severely attacked by Sheamus and therefore forced not to participate in the event.

After the attack Sheamus made it clear that this attack was both to avenge the defeat suffered at Payback and to take advantage of the challenge tonight.

News on Roman Reigns

The episode of Friday Night Smackdown was characterized by this match as the Main Event to decree the challenger to the title, a clash that involved Matt Riddle, Baron Corbin, Sheamus and Jey Uso, who, in fact, replaced the injured Big E.

This choice was initially not appreciated by Corbin who did not like the fact that Roman Reigns' cousin was participating in the match. The outcome of the match was in some ways quite surprising: after a very confusing match where no one seemed to dominate and where everyone was ready to exploit the decisive opportunity, only Sheamus seemed to have a slight dominance over his opponents but he didn't really manage to exploit it.

Towards the end of the match Matt Riddle avoids Baron Corbin's End of Days, who was also shot by Sheamus, and landed the British wrestler with a Bro to Sleep. After hitting Corbin again, it is Jey Uso who makes the decisive blow on Matt Riddle and wins the contest.

Jey Uso, Roman Reigns' cousin, will challenge the Universal Champion for the title in the upcoming Pay-Per-View (PPV) of Clash of Champions! Jey Uso got this opportunity when Big E had been removed from this match for what earlier Sheamus had done to him in the show at backstage which left Big E injured and mangled therefore, Jey Uso grabbed this opportunity to join this Fatal-4-way match along with Sheamus, Matt Riddle, and King Corbin and he got the massive victory to earn a contending slot for WWE Universal Championship.