Update on Drew McIntyre

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Update on Drew McIntyre

Monday Night Raw is about two days away and as superstars prepare to return to WWE ThunderDome working ahead of the Clash of Champions Pay-Per-View (PPV), there is a different situation for WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, currently standing still after suffering.

a pretty heavy injury two weeks ago, after an attack by Randy Orton and just since then we haven't seen him again. In a promotional video broadcast by WWE on its YouTube channel, the federation announced that Drew McIntyre will not even participate in the next episode of Monday Night Raw.

This promo was about Randy Orton's dominance over the years and the promo wondered who could resist The Viper.

Update on Drew McIntyre

In recent weeks, Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton have been embroiled in a feud in which Orton tried to snatch the title of WWE Champion from The Scottish Psychopath, but in the summer Pay per View at SummerSlam the British wrestler clinched success with a shot out of nowhere.

Randy Orton appeared very unhappy with this defeat and subsequently made a tough attack on Drew McIntyre in the next episode of Monday Night Raw and the storyline predicts that the WWE Champion is currently pitted with injury.

Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre are expected to face each other again in Clash of Champions for the WWE Champion, but everything will depend on the doctors' ok to participate in this meeting. According to sources close to the WWE, the federation wants to give a lot of ground to this feud and it seems that there could be numerous challenges between the two, often with the title of WWE Champion up for grabs.

After the Payback defeat to Keith Lee, The Viper beat the latter and Seth Rollins by pinning the Monday Night Messiah in the last episode of Raw and thanks to this success he will once again challenge the WWE champion for the title.

The WWE wanted to give a lot of prominence to Drew McIntyre's injury caused by Randy Orton and even with some statements has leaked the possibility of a career at risk for the WWE Champion. Of course this is only a storyline move and certainly the Scottish Psychopath's injury isn't that serious.

It further also indicates that McIntyre might not appear in this week’s RAW episode following hairline jaw fracture which further suggests that McIntyre may take time to recover from this injury before his big match at ‘Clash of Champions’ 2020.