Internal opinion of WWE releasing Authors of Pain (AOP)

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Internal opinion of WWE releasing Authors of Pain (AOP)

After months of silence on the WWE release front, yesterday evening came yet another news of the latest "sting" from the Stamford company, which respond to the names of Rezar and Akam, better known as the Authors of Pain (AOP), a team that he had managed to achieve success first on the NXT rings and then on the main roster, mainly alongside the Monday Night Messiah Seth Rollins.

After seeing them again alongside the former Universal Champion of Monday Night Raw, in fact, the two had once again left the ring of the red show due to an injury that had forced the couple to be absent for several weeks, with their ex-manager Paul Ellering, who in his latest interviews had prepared WWE Universe fans for his possible return, right next to the two big boys, one from Canada and one from Albania.

Authors Of Pain (AOP) released from WWE

Immediately after the release of the team of the now-former WWE members, inside the backstage of the federation only rumors of former colleagues were raised who were quite embittered by the incident, with one of the first known faces, who responds to the name of Kevin Owens, who has also made its voice heard on social networks.

While Owens was unable to unbutton himself publicly, several WWE behind-the-scenes members also "fell from the tree" as they say in the WWE announcement that the two wrestlers were released. One of the most surprised was undoubtedly the former manager of the NXT couple, Paul Ellering, who, as we said earlier, was waiting for a call from the WWE to be able to re-enter the scene right alongside the Authors of Pain (AOP).

Return, which apparently will never happen again. We recall that in one of his latest interviews, Ellering asserted that: "The idea was to take me back to the ring, but then this Corona thing came out. Then the kids got hurt and went away for a while, so whatever plan they have in mind now, I don't know where it went and when it will be staged."

It’s unclear why WWE released AOP, but they had a lot of potential, as a team or as singles stars. The feeling is that this was a one-off release, but you also never know what can happen in WWE as tiring as that cliche is to write.

They were brought up to the main roster in 2018, where they captured the RAW Tag Team Championship. This past March, Rezar suffered a bicep injury, and a decision was made to take Akam off the road as well. Last month, Paul Ellering, who managed the duo in NXT revealed WWE had plans to bring him back with the team prior to the pandemic.