Lana Responds to WWE Asking Stars to End All External Relationships

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Lana Responds to WWE Asking Stars to End All External Relationships

Famous WWE Star, Lana, recently responded to Vince McMahon’s order to end all relationships with third parties. Vince McMahon does not want any of his superstars to forge a relationship as individuals with any third parties.

Many WWE superstars already have multiple sources of income. They are on various websites, such as Cameo, and Twitch. The WWE Superstars need to remove themselves by the 2nd of October from these services as ordered by Vince McMahon.

Lana on WWE's Decision to Stop Third Party Relations

Vince has stated that a WWE star that does not remove himself or herself from third party services can get terminated, fined or suspended. Vince has dubbed this as the "next phase of growth" for the company.

Apparently, this all started after Lana’s deal with Bang Energy Drink. As part of the deal, she had to make a huge number of ads for the energy drink company. Lana used her fame through the WWE to get this deal. WWE will most likely get nothing out of this deal as she made a deal as an individual.

Lana commented on this: "I am not the straw that broke the camel's back. You know who you are and that is false...but thank you for writing about me...all of you. I am your escape goat." This is definitely not a surprising move by WWE.

WWE is a large organization and provides a great platform for everyone that is part of it. Many former WWE Superstars are now famous Hollywood action heroes. Some that are inside the company have a large number of fans. Of course, they can monetize this fanbase or sign with various ad agencies to earn extra.

Superstars also used to sign sponsorship deals in the past, just like many UFC fighters did in the past. WWE has basically done the exact same thing that UFC has done in the past. The UFC asked all of its fighters to top taking individual sponsorship deals.

UFC started choosing its own sponsors and the fighters would receive a cut from those deals. Although we do not know what plans the WWE has in store for their wrestlers including Lana, it is quite possible that WWE is actually looking to do something extremely similar and the superstars might receive a cut from those deals. Reportedly, this has annoyed some of the talents that were earning a good amount through third parties.