Eva Marie suggests possible return to WWE

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Eva Marie suggests possible return to WWE

In the latest episode of Friday Night Smackdown which aired in the night on the usual FOX channel, in America, WWE aired a rather mysterious promo of a woman in a very sensual skirt walking back and forth down a corridor, with the curiosity of the fans of the WWE Universe which immediately skyrocketed, causing the most rowdy fans online to go wild.

Immediately after the airing of the promo, among the many we saw during the very rich evening of the show tonight, the delirium broke out on the various social networks, with fans and WWE insiders who made the most disparate hypotheses on who could hide inside that skirt, passing from Vanessa Borne to Carmella and reaching Chelsea Green and Tessa Blanchard.

Among the many names that have come out from the fans of the Stamford-based company on who could hide behind the identity at the dark moment, that of the former McMahon-owned company's athlete, Eva Marie, has also emerged, who no longer treads the rings of the company number one pro-wrestling in the world for a few years now, with his last stint on the WWE federation roster not being the most exciting.

She talked about how WWE was always her first priority and that she was grateful to the McMahon family.

Update on Eva Marie

“I always say it. WWE is always my number one, my family. They’re everything. Vince, Hunter, Stephanie, they took a chance on me, as a nobody at all.

And they gave me [an] opportunity to possibly become a superstar. I am forever grateful to them”. Eva Marie has been busy outside WWE with other pursuits, but she mentioned that she was always open to returning to WWE.

Being in WWE, no matter who you are, those superstars are freakin’ studs…it has definitely shaped me, molded me into the performer, and has embedded this insane nasty work ethic that you have to have if you are inside that company or else you will not make it.

I’m just so thankful to that company. I feel like I have some unfinished business…[if] Vince, Hunter, or Steph make the call and says ‘Yo, it’s time,’ then [I’m] packing up my bags and it’s time”.

In any case, at the moment it is not known for sure what the plans of the WWE are in the footsteps of this probable new athlete who will tread the rings of Friday Night Smackdown, even if it seems quite clear that the McMahons will bet a lot on her, for at least at the beginning, with a promo like that that does nothing but create a great hype and a great anticipation within the WWE Universe, which is now impatient to know the identity of the mystery woman of Smackdown, even knowing that it will have to still wait a bit.