Rey Mysterio gives update on his triceps injury

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Rey Mysterio gives update on his triceps injury

In recent months, one of Monday Night Raw's flagship feuds, as well as one of the most interesting and committed WWE storylines in the red show's rings, was the one that saw Seth Rollins and Murphy wage war in every way against Rey Mysterio and the son Dominik, with the latter having even made his debut in the WWE rings, more precisely in Summerslam, as Superstar of the federation in all respects.

After having suffered all the colors, the San Diego athlete also had to stop due to a bad injury to his right arm, with a torn triceps that reminded fans a lot of the injury of the legendary Edge, who had been stopped for months just for a very bad laceration to the same muscle in the arm.

Fortunately, the situation of the Mexican-born wrestler is said to be much milder than that of the Canadian, with Rey Mysterio not totally lacerating his triceps, but with a superficial wound that is said to be much easier to heal by WWE medical staff, as compared to a total laceration.

Update on Rey Mysterio's injury

In one of the latest videos released online by the wrestler himself, inventor of the 619 as an attack maneuver, Rey Mysterio showed how his injections take place every week to restore the muscle, complete with a video attesting to the therapies to which the elf of San Diego must undergo in order to return to fight alongside his son Dominik in the WWE rings.

We warn the most impressionable audience that watching the video could hurt those who are more fragile and sensitive due to the presence of needles and medical therapies in the footage. Recall that if Edge will take at least the new year before returning to the WWE rings, for a complete laceration of the triceps of his right arm, for Rey Mysterio instead, it should only take a couple of months (or three) to be able to return to treading.

the rings of the McMahon company, with a partial laceration of the same muscle that would, therefore, need less time to heal and return to 100%. Rey Mysterio uploaded a short video of treatment he’s getting to have the quickest recovery possible.

He thanked The Lab Performance & Recovery Center in Temecula, California for taking good care of him as well. Rey Mysterio will be back as soon as he can. Thankfully, he doesn’t have a full tear which means his recovery will be much shorter than Edge’s injury which is keeping him out of the ring for much longer.