New Firefly Fun House character likely revealed

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New Firefly Fun House character likely revealed

After the last promo held by Bray Wyatt in his "human" version on the Friday Night Smackdown TV screens, it emerged that from next week the former Universal Champion will have a new companion at his side in his Firefly Fun House, probably with a new puppet that will enrich the already numerous presence of talking toys of the format created by Wyatt and broadcast almost weekly during the episodes of the blue show.

Many, online, have already begun to speculate who could be the new addition to the "staff" of the alter ego of the Smackdown Fiend, with many of the fans of the WWE Universe who have mentioned the name of Alexa Bliss, as a possible new member too.

in a plush version at the Firefly Fun House.

New Firefly Fun House character likely revealed

As has become customary, WWE prevents its every important move by buying brands and rights to names that it will then use on-screen, so as to avoid problems of any kind with its fans and especially with the competition, which otherwise it could go to use a name identical to that used by the Stamford company, starting a conflict of interest between two or more parties.

Well, in the last few days, WWE has also bought the rights to the name "Wobbly Walrus", with the name that would fit perfectly with one of the characters from Bray Wyatt's Firefly Fun House. At the moment, it is not known how this character should look, nor if really in the end this name will be entrusted to the new arrival in the format of the former Universal Champion.

In any case, soon we should also have some confirmations on the "possession" of Alexa Bliss by the Smackdown Fiend, with the latest releases on the blue show TV screens that portend something really big behind the former WWE world champion, which most likely hides much more than what it reveals in front of the cameras or in the eyes of WWE Universe fans.

It also makes perfect sense that a walrus character could be introduced to the Firefly Fun House. Let’s just see what WWE’s plan is for this new character. Bray Wyatt seemed very excited about the news when he told fans about it during SmackDown.

This Wobbly Walrus copyright was registered under goods and services. It’s certainly interesting timing. Stay tuned, friends. It’s not clear exactly what this name will be used for, but WWE doesn’t trademark things without having a reason to do so.