Arn Anderson reveals his Mount Rushmore of wrestling belts

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Arn Anderson reveals his Mount Rushmore of wrestling belts

Arn Anderson's final reign as champion began on January 8, 1995 when he won the WCW World Television Championship for the umpteenth time. Anderson helped restore the prestige of the belt, which he held for about six months before selling it to The Renegade.

He then had a brief feud with his friend Flair, being assisted in the feud by Brian Pillman. The whole storyline led to a new reunification of the Four Horsemen with Flair, Anderson, Pillman, and Chris Benoit in formation.

At the end of 1996, Arn rarely fought in the ring, preferring to act behind the scenes given the constant health problems due to injuries remedied in his career. On August 25, 1997, during an episode of WCW Monday Nitro, Anderson formally announced his retirement from the ring.

In 2000, Anderson became a member of the short-lived Old Age Outlaws stable. Led by Terry Funk, the veteran group faced the newly reborn New World Order. In 2001 WCW was acquired by the World Wrestling Federation, ending the storyline in which Anderson was involved.

In the most recent edition of ARN, Arn Anderson discussed the AEW TNT title, the prestige of the belt, his Mount Rushmore of wrestling belts, and much more.

Arn Anderson on his Mount Rushmore of wrestling belts

“It’s too early yet to tell.

The man makes the championship, the championship does not make the man. So going by where the champion goes from here – the wars he goes into, how many of those he survives and prevails, how the championship is respected and treated – that all comes from the talent.

It’s only an important championship if everyone in the room makes it important. If its number one on the list -that’s where they aspire to be – then it becomes something. Just as Cody has done and faced all challengers – just about all the time he’s come out a winner and his opponent a winner.

I feel like the talent will either decide the fate of the championship or not" - Arn Anderson explained. On his Mount Rushmore of wrestling belts: “The NWA World title, that was really cool. That looked like a championship belt.

It felt like one. I did like the TV Title. It was my claim to fame. It was kind of cool to be the first team to win the NWA Tag Titles and the WWF Tag Titles which is what Tully and I accomplished. I would put those two sets of championships beside the TV title and NWA World title”.