Sasha Banks retirement update

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Sasha Banks retirement update

Becky Lynch is out of WWE due to pregnancy, Charlotte Flair due to injury (but in turn is focused on a possible family life to start with Andrade). What about Sasha Banks? The third of WWE's Four Horsewomen is currently at the center of one of SmackDown's most interesting storylines, complete with a fresh betrayal by Bayley.

The right time to take stock of her career, including the possibility of taking a break from the ring or even setting a possible date for his retirement. The operation that the Boss has carried out in these hours, making an appearance on the podcast of D-Von Dudley 'Table Talk'

Sasha Banks answered without words the question of the former Dudley Boy, making it clear that if there is a goodbye to wrestling, it will go far into her future.

Rumors on Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks stated that she is still very young and has no plans of hanging up her boots anytime soon.

Sasha Banks joked that she could end up having a career like Ric Flair in the WWE. Here's her update when asked about the retirement: "I'm gonna do it until I just feel like I've done everything I've wanted to do.

How about that? How about that? Healthy as well. I'm gonna leave healthy, happy, and really fulfilled with what I've done because I already have been really fulfilled, and I'm very thankful, and I'm healthy with what I've been doing in the ring.

I've been taking care of my body; I've been happy, healthy, and wholesome. Who knows how long. It could be forever. I could be like Ric Flair." Banks also stated that she does plan on becoming a mother, and when the time comes, she would rightfully inform the WWE fans.

"Well, I don't know what the near future is, but definitely I would like to be a mother one day, and when that time is right, I'm sure the universe will let me know that." During the pandemic, they were ruling every WWE brand.

Unfortunately, following SummerSlam 2020, Sasha Banks lost her WWE Raw Women’s Championship to Asuka while Bayley managed to hold on to her WWE SmackDown title against the same opponent. Now, they have also lost the Tag Team titles.

I feel it’s been particularly hard for Sasha Banks. Banks and Bayley are the second Women’s Tag Team and real-life best friends to break up on WWE television this week. The IIconics also had to part ways following their defeat at the hands of The Riott Squad.