WWE has high interest in AEW’s Lance Archer

It’s unlikely we’ll see wrestlers jump from AEW to WWE, but the world’s largest wrestling promotion reportedly has eyes on Lance Archer

by Simone Brugnoli
WWE has high interest in AEW’s Lance Archer

During the last PPV aired on the rings of All Elite Wrestling, or All Out, broadcast by the pro-wrestling company number two on American soil on Saturday, the gigantic Lance Archer won the famous Casino Battle Royale, with the which now the athlete has earned the right to challenge the world champion of the federation, inserting Jon Moxley in his sights and above all the title still tight on the sides of the former Dean Ambrose.

After a very long battle that has always seen him protagonist, Lance Archer has finally won the contest, finally emerging as one of the leading faces of the entire company and definitively establishing himself as the main eventer.

Update on Lance Archer

Apparently, the former Impact Wrestling and former WWE athlete, however, would not be seen very well only by AEW, with the McMahons who would have their eyes on the big boy of Dynaminte, after the short stint he had in WWE in the newborn ECW, only a few year ago.

During some daily updates reported by the Sportskeeda website, our journalist Tom Colohue reported how WWE is said to be very interested in having Lance Archer back on its rosters, with the name of the assisted Jake The Snake who could in fact be included in one of the lists of athletes that Stamford's company might try to steal the Khan's company.

Regarding this scenario, Colohue has indeed revealed: "When it comes to people who are attracted to the money WWE has, well it's hard to say. When it comes to people WWE is interested in, Lance Archer is definitely one WWE wants most.

He would really like to bring him to WWE from AEW. There are others of athletes, but I think Lance Archer is one of the favorites at the moment." Apparently not only the All Elite Wrestling is said to have decided to bet strongly on Lance Archer, with the WWE that could soon make an offer "that cannot be refused" to the athlete, who will thus be divided between two fires, between the emerging AEW or the huge number one company in the world, WWE, in the eternal indecision about which project to marry.

It seems like the 43-year-old is enjoying his success at AEW greatly, as he has a world title shot coming up soon. Archer won the Casino Battle Royale at All Out on Sept. 5, which means he will face current world champion Jon Moxley at a future date.

Moxley retained his title in the show’s main event, defeating MJF in sneaky fashion. And both Archer and Moxley had quite the history in New Japan.

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