Former Presdential Candidate Andrew Yang on WWE’s ‘Misclassification’ of wrestlers

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Former Presdential Candidate Andrew Yang on WWE’s ‘Misclassification’ of wrestlers

Andrew Yang recently commented on WWE misclassifying its wrestlers. Yang is a former presidential candidate. The WWE classifies its wrestlers as independent contractors and he believes that is ridiculous. Yang believes that government authorities should take a look at this stance.

Former Presdential Candidate Andrew Yang on WWE's Classification on Wrestlers

Yang was on CNN recently and was asked about his Tweet about this. In his Tweet, Yang clearly stated that he does not like WWE asking its wrestlers to end relationships with third parties.

"The post you're talking about was my categorizing the misclassification of professional wrestlers as independent contractors, which is completely ridiculous, given that the WWE has controlled their name and likeness for years, and controls their activities in many ways.

"Anything that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have for me that will help move the country forward, I would love to help in every possible way," said Yang. WWE has asked its WWE Stars to end relationships with all third parties and services by the 2nd of October.

WWE stars that do not do this will be fined, suspended or terminated. Many former WWE stars quit WWe as they were not happy with how WWE handles its wrestlers. WWE wrestlers had to work on WWE TV shows as well as Live shows.

They also had to drive themselves to work from state to state. Ryback is one of the WWE superstars who covered this in more detail. He stated that he sometimes had to drive for more than 16 hours to get to the next arena. WWE stars also signed deals as individuals with various companies.

That helped them generate additional income. However, they gained all their fame through the WWE platform. WWE Star Lana believes that the reason why WWE has asked its wrestlers to end third party relationships is due to her big deal with an energy drink company.

As part of the deal, Lana had to appear in various ads and promote the energy drink. According to a clause in their contract, WWE wrestlers cannot even use their real names to sign individual deals as WWE has rights over them as well.

Finally, Andrew Yang stated that he grew up as a wrestling fan. He stated that Vince McMahon should hope that Donald Trump wins the elections as "change is in the air and changes are long overdue where Vince's corrupt labor practices are concerned."