What's next for Randy Orton?

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What's next for Randy Orton?

After several weeks of feud with the WWE Champion in charge, Drew McIntyre, Randy Orton seems to be ready to return to champion, after the numerous attacks with which he shot down the Scot in the last episodes of Monday Night Raw, even making him miss WWE's last PPV: PayBack.

After seeing the absolute champion of the red roster of the Stamford-located company leave the scene, Randy Orton has once again graduated n ° 1 contender precisely to the title in possession of McIntyre, with the Legend Killer that will thus go on to challenge the reigning champion in a titled match, which at this point many are convinced will win.

Update on Randy Orton

As reported by Dave Meltzer of the Wresling Observer, the last feud had by Orton in the juncture in which McIntyre was absent, or the series of matches he had against the wrestler who recently moved from NXT to the main roster, Keith Lee, would have been a 'very important smattering that WWE would have wanted to give to a future feud between the two with the title up for grabs, with a possible scenario that would see Keith Lee become WWE Champion, which would not now be as absurd as it might have seemed weeks ago.

During one of his latest analysis on Monday Night Raw, in fact, Meltzer said: "The only note that left a bad taste in the mouth was Keith Lee's quick victory over Randy Orton and I think that despite all the result it makes sense.

I think this, for me, can justify Orton winning the title against Drew McIntyre in the short run, despite everything. I don't know for sure, but the immediate conclusion I had after that match was this. And in case they were preparing an Orton vs Lee for a title match, it would make even more sense as a thing.

So in case Orton wins the title and then loses it to Keith Lee, it wouldn't be a mindless choice for me. It's WWE, they could easily not do it, but at the same time they could instead and in my opinion it would be a great match then, you know, those 6 minutes and that pin that came out of nowhere to win, are just a checkpoint in a long storyline.

, which after all help to raise a Superstar. It was a great move for Lee's career." After just one victory in PPV, although it was very important, Dave Meltzer seems to be convinced of the very high esteem WWE has for former NXT athlete Keith Lee with the former absolute champion of the WWE yellow roster who could soon become, according to the journalist, also the absolute champion of the company's main roster.