*Spoiler* Rey Mysterio and family help Dominik punish Murphy

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*Spoiler* Rey Mysterio and family help Dominik punish Murphy

In the last act of the latest episode of Monday Night Raw we saw yet another situation involving the Mysterio family and this time only Buddy Murphy, now abandoned by the Monday Night Messiah Seth Rollins. He intervened by accusing the Mysterio family who he held responsible for his break with Rollins and challenged Dominik in a Street Fight Match, which was then played as the evening's Main Event.

The Monday Night Raw Main Event saw a match between Dominick Mysterio and Buddy Murphy, two wrestlers often too underestimated by fans and insiders. It was a fairly-balanced match and in the final, Murphy manages to tie the opponent to the ropes, tries to hit him with a kendo Stick but Dominick disarms him with a kick and Rey Mysterio moves the cue away from the former 205 Live champion.

Murphy calls out Dominik Mysterio

Then Dominick is untied from his sister Aalyah and his mother Angie and lashes out at the opponent. Murphy is then tied up and the entire Mysterio family starts hitting Murphy with the Kendo Stick!

The wrestler retires but the 4 family members keep hitting the wrestler. After several difficult weeks Rey Mysterio and his son Dominick take a good revenge by giving a real lesson to Buddy Murphy. Dominik Mysterio's arrival in WWE was highly anticipated and his SummerSlam debut against Seth Rollins was observed by many in the industry.

Recalling that event Dominick revealed: "The backstage reaction was almost insane. I got very excited, I hugged my family but also Seth himself and let's say the whole group involved, it was surreal but everyone was proud of me.

Then I went to Vince and thanked him for the opportunity he gave me and hugged him too. It was a crazy experience" Several athletes in WWE have appreciated the qualities of the son of art, in particular Andrade and Seth Rollins himself have repeatedly declared that they are enthusiastic about the wrestler's work in these first months of WWE.

Dominik Mysterio then grounded The Disciple with a frog splash before Rey Mysterio entered the ring and unloaded on Murphy with kendo sticks. “Payback is a bi**h!” Mysterio said while looking at the camera, sending a message to Rollins.

Rey’s wife and daughter then entered and unloaded on Murphy, who tapped out as the referee called for the bell. Fans speculate that Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio could have a final match at WWE Clash of Champions where Rey Mysterio would come out on top.

The Clash of Champions PPV is scheduled to take place on September 27 (September 28 for Indian viewers) at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida.