Adam Cole on Being Compared to Finn Balor

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Adam Cole on Being Compared to Finn Balor

NXT Superstar Adam Cole spoke about being compared to former WWE Universal Champion Fiinn Balor. Finn Balor is currently part of NXT. He was part of the main roster. The WWE most likely sent him to NXT to make the brand stronger as they need to compete and crush AEW Dynamite.

However, there are certain establishes superstars at NXT that are still carrying the brand. Adm Cole spoke about the comparison on Finn Balor and Adam Cole will fight soon for the vacant NXT title. He stated that he doesn’t like the fans comparing him to Finn Balor, who is a 2-time NXT Champion.

He stated that the comparisons drive him insane.

Adam Cole on Being Compared to Finn Balor

"100%. That's why this one is so important to me, because again, even as NXT Champion and having the 403-day reign as NXT Champion, I still constantly heard, 'Yeah, yeah, Adam Cole is a great champion, but he's probably number two of all time.

Finn Balor is number one'," Cole said. "It drove me insane, because I'm like, 'I've doubled this guy's reign as far as the number of days, and I've done it in one reign.' "There's no question that I'm the greatest Champion, so to be put in a situation where it's Adam Cole versus Finn Balor, I mean, finally putting that to rest, who is the greatest NXT Champion of all time, will be a beautiful day for me."

Also, as far as wanting, I just came off of losing the championship, so that feeling of wanting to be champion is still so fresh in my mind. Finn Balor hasn't been NXT Champion for so long, so mentally he's moved on.

He may think he wants it really bad, but he doesn't want it as bad as I do. I just lost the championship a couple of months ago. So in my opinion, without question, I want the championship more. Not only do I want it more, but I want to kind of close this chapter of my career in NXT saying that Adam Cole is better than Finn Balor, Adam Cole is a better NXT Champion than Finn Balor."

Last week a 60-minute Iron Man Match took place. Adam Cole, Finn Balor, Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa were the participants. The match ended as a draw between Cole and Balor. Cole noted that many fans were upset as they wanted to see him win the vacant NXT title that was up for grabs that night.