*Spoiler* Identity of Retribution members possibly revealed

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*Spoiler* Identity of Retribution members possibly revealed

In the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, the famous Retribution stable reappeared again in a backstage segment, in which this time it had something to say for the very first time, with the members of the team not strangely they dedicated themselves to destroying everything or turning the entire backstage of the company upside down, but instead they dedicated themselves to speaking in front of a camera, to warn Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fans and insiders about the destruction that is to come their.

Obviously, the whole speech had been sophisticated, making it artifact with skilful computer tools, which changed the voices and faces of the team members, thanks to a modifier for voices and very soft lights that did not show the faces of the boys of the stable.

Apparently, however, some fans of the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Universe dedicated to the use of the computer also for work, have managed in turn to modify the segment, almost completely removing the darkness of the video and the modification of the sound waves of the voice, making interesting surprises emerge and bring the video back to almost how it was originally shot.

Retribution speaks for the first time on WWE RAW

The voices of the two wrestlers who spoke during the segment aired on Monday Night Raw, seem to belong to the wrestlers Mercedes Martinez and Dominik Dijakovic of NXT, both athletes who were have already been hypothesized as members of the stable for several weeks, especially Dominik, thanks to the numerous clues posted on social networks.

After managing to lighten some frames of the images of the segment, Dave Meltzer would also have confirmed that the athlete behind the two who spoke, was the face of Mojo Rawley, with the former WWE 24/7 champion who could therefore be one of the five stable members who appeared on Raw tonight.

After what is reported, therefore, we leave the final report to you. Are the three of them really the top wrestlers hiding behind the Retribution? Since the group's inception, many reports have stated that Dominik Dijakovic is the leader of Retribution.

The NXT star had posted many cryptic Tweets on his Twitter handle, sending the WWE Universe into a frenzy before WWE Payback that was held last Sunday. However, the group neither appeared on SummerSlam nor Payback. After Retribution spoke for the first time, many Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fans are waiting for the groups members to unmask and reveal who they are.

Wrestlingnews has reported that when the audio is pitched down, the two members sound like Mercedes Martinez and Dominik Dijakovic.