Rey Mysterio’s likely in-ring return date

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Rey Mysterio’s likely in-ring return date

In recent weeks, the WWE infirmary has added another important piece to its "roster", with Rey Mysterio unfortunately having to stop from in-ring activity due to a laceration to the triceps muscle of his right arm, with the San Diego elf who fortunately managed, unwillingly, to tear only a part of the muscle unlike the WWE Hall of Famer Edge, which instead cut cleanly the same part of the body, with his stop that will instead last at least until to the new year.

As reported in some updates of the last few days, Rey would be undergoing some daily therapies that should help the athlete get back on their feet as soon as possible, so that he can quickly pass the period of rest in which he will not be able to compete in the Monday Night rings.

Raw alongside his son Dominik.

Update on Rey Mysterio

According to reports by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, the prognosis of the San Diego elf is expected to be around six weeks, with the former WWE Champion therefore expected to be absent from the rings of the McMahon company only a few more days, given that his stop has been going on for a while.

The sure thing is that Mysterio will miss Clash of Champions, at least as an active wrestler, although WWE may use his figure as an inactive part in a match. His return seems so much closer than it seemed on the eve of the injury response, with the Mexican-born athlete that if he had been more unfortunate he would have had to return close to Wrestlemania next year, in an almost equal clinical picture.

to that of his colleague Edge, who suffered the same injury, but in a more serious form, in his last match against Randy Orton at Backlash. We will see, however, if Rey Mysterio will be able to respect the timing on his return, going to give a hand to his son who has been orphaned by his father against Seth Rollins and Murphy or if his body will still make tantrums and keep him out of the action.

of the WWE for another time. According to Wrestling Observer Radio, Mysterio is expected to be out of action for about six weeks. This means that he should be back by around the middle of October, which would put him out of Clash Of Champions.

Mysterio did not suffer a full tear of his tricep, meaning that he does not require surgery. He has stayed on television since his injury and there is no indication that his status will change.