Former WWE wrestler Damien Sandow lands new booking role

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Former WWE wrestler Damien Sandow lands new booking role

After his release from the contract that tied him to the Stamford-situated company in 2016, Damien Sandow has never been seen again in the McMahon-owned rings. In fact, the former tag team champion and former winner of the 2013 Money in the Bank has disappeared from the radar of the number one company in the world of pro-wrestling, despite having become a very famous character, thanks above all to the storyline that had joined him to The Miz, to which Sandow was the double in all respects.

After several years away from WWE, Damien Sandow seems to have found his way into the world of wrestling, becoming an important booker for an independent American company, which now uses him as the head of the creative team, the same role that Bruce Prichard has in WWE.

Inactive star Damien Sandow makes major career move

Although the company in question is not an American major, nor a large global company that broadcasts its shows all over the globe, Championship Wrestling from Hollywood still broadcasts its shows on two American channels: Youtoo America and Z Channel.

According to reports from the same overseas company, the next episodes will air from an empty arena due to the problems related to the pandemic, with the new shows that will be entirely left in the hands of Sandow, with the CWH having in fact issued a statement in which he said: "The latest episodes were recorded from an empty arena and are the first episodes under our new booker Aaron Stevens aka ex Damien Sandow in WWE.

The episodes in question are more than a traditional format-style episode with cartoons and storylines and there will also be out-of-the-ring interviews conducted by Jon Roberts, which will help move the storylines, carry them forward."

Apparently, Damien Sandow's career has definitely changed, with the now former athlete deciding to take over the reins of the booking team of an entire company, leaving his ring attire in the closet for the moment, not appearing.

more on-screen, but working from a desk. Working a Z-list actor gimmick, Stevens was a pushed commodity on Powerrr and is still the reigning NWA North American Champion, having taken the belt from former title-holder Colt Cabana in December 2019.

His last wrestling match went down at the NWA's January television tapings, where he and Question Mark lost to the Rock 'n' Roll Express. There's no word on when Stevens might return to the ring, though it looks like he has found a steady new role at least.