Why Vince McMahon allows Paul Heyman to have so much influence

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Why Vince McMahon allows Paul Heyman to have so much influence

As reported over and over again, in the past few months Vince McMahon had removed Paul Heyman from the role of Executive Director of Monday Night Raw, with the manager of Brock Lesnar and now also of Roman Reigns, who had effectively lost all sorts of power inside the WWE backstage, also thanks to the fact that Vince also blamed Heyman for the drop in ratings of the company's main shows.

After spending a few months at home, without having any kind of on-screen or off-screen role, Paul Heyman has returned to tread the rings of the McMahon company alongside Roman Reigns, with the Mad Genius actually returning to have a specific weight also in the backstage decisions regarding the only storyline that keeps him busy at the moment in front of the cameras of the Stamford company.

Paul Heyman returns to WWE television

After a removal from the head of the Raw booking team that seemed to many a rejection of Heyman's work, Vince McMahon instead brought the ideas of the Reigns manager back to everyone's attention in the WWE backstage, with the Mad genius returning to make put your ideas on the future of the Big Dog to Smackdown.

According to what was reported in the past few hours by the well-known site Ringside News, this initiative would be to be found in the fact that in reality, Vince McMahon, would have always appreciated the creativity of Paul Heyman (as also mentioned in the various conference calls with shareholders), ousting him from his Leading role on Monday Night Raw just to shake up the ratings by trying to change music on-screen.

Even when it comes to Brock Lesnar's standout storylines in the WWE rings, Paul Heyman has always had a say, having been the architect of most of the promos and angles we've seen in recent years between WWE's Beast and all his various adversaries.

Apparently, even with Roman Reigns it will be like this, with Paul Heyman who will be an integral part of the leadership of the federation regarding the decisions to be made regarding the progress of the titled reign of the Big Dog in the Friday Night Smackown rings.

A tenured WWE writer with close knowledge of the situation also told us that Vince McMahon respects Paul Heyman’s creativity. This was something that McMahon even mentioned during WWE’s quarterly investors’ call. That wasn’t just a line for the stockholders.