Rusev comments on match idea with Kurt Angle

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Rusev comments on match idea with Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle is one of the wrestlers who are members of the WWE Hall Of Fame and over the years his body has been subjected to severe physical stress and indeed has suffered numerous physical abuse. Over time, for this reason, the WWE used the Olympic champion wrestler not repeatedly and indeed the federation was very careful about how to force its athlete.

Former WWE wrestler Rusev has played in several WWE challenges but has never been able to take on Kurt Angle throughout his career. During a recent live Twitch Miro (short for his real name) explained the reasons why WWE has always said no to this challenge.

Rusev on Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle has also been complimentary of Rusev, saying he would have liked to face him in his career. Rusev actually had the idea to face Angle at WrestleMania 31, but WWE shot it down. “I wanted to wrestle him.

I pitched — so, the first year when I was with WWE I pitched for Kurt Angle to come back and wrestle me. That was before I knew about the John Cena situation … I wanted to bring back Kurt, you know, as the American thing … The Swagger thing happened at SummerSlam and now, I started thinking of, ‘What could we do for ‘Mania.’ ’cause nobody told me that I was going to work John for ‘Mania.

And I wanted to wrestle Kurt. I said, ‘Hey,’ and I talked to two people. I’m not going to say who they are, they’re really up there. But I said, ‘Hey, how about we bring Kurt [in]? I think it’s going to be great.

One, he’s the greatest professional wrestler ever. Two, it’s just USA coming back and I was still the Russian.’ Like, I was still doing the Russian flag, the Putin [references] and everything. Kurt would have been the perfect, perfect person" - Rusev said.

"And they told me no. They’re afraid — this is verbatim. This is verbatim from the person who told me. He said, ‘We don’t want to feel responsible if he comes back and dies.’ That’s from somebody that I spoke to about it.

And there were two people there. If one says I lie, hopefully the other can say that it’s true. Which I doubt, but it doesn’t matter to me… Yeah, and in the end man, he got that match with Corbin. I always wanted to wrestle Kurt.

Just once again, he’s been my favorite wrestler forever … Yeah man, it would have been great. It would have definitely been the best. And I even texted Kurt back then, before I even knew him. I didn’t text him, I DM’d him … I sent him a message on Twitter.

“Hey Kurt,’ something something. I think I was just telling him I wanted to work with him. And then we ended up talking back and forth”.