Rey Mysterio reportedly turns down huge AEW offer

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Rey Mysterio reportedly turns down huge AEW offer

One of the most used talents on the rings of Monday Night Raw in the last period is certainly the legendary masked luchador Rey Mysterio, who in recent months has become the protagonist of a very heated feud with the Monday Night Messiah, Seth Rollins, with the ex Universal Champion who was joined by several people in this feud and with the Mexican-born wrestler who was instead only joined by his son Dominik.

After signing a WWE Superstar contract, Dominik also became a true professional wrestler of the Stamford'based federation, with the boy who immediately took the baton from his father, going to battle with Seth Rollins, with Rey who was in fact had to be absent from the company rings for a bad arm injury that still keeps him out of the action.

Rey Mysterio closed out RAW this week

According to what Dave Meltzer revealed in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Rey Mysterio is said to have turned down a very tempting offer from AEW, only out of respect for Vince McMahon.

According to what Meltzer revealed, in fact: "Now they put Rey back under contract, but Rey could have gone to AEW first, because we know that the company made him a very interesting offer, but he refused. At this point, I don't want to say that Vince McMahon has everyone in his hand, including Rey, because in fact WWE doesn't own anyone, except Rey, but he was still without a contract.

Rey could very well have gone to work at AEW in the middle of her schedule. He didn't do it because he's Rey Mysterio and when he gives a word, it's that, whatever happens. But the point is that legally it could have.

But I also know the loyalty that many have towards Vince, as they say in the jargon of the street, you must be loyal to him, but he must not be loyal to you." Apparently, according to what is asserted by the well-known overseas journalist, Rey Mysterio is said to have turned down a very interesting offer from AEW, both due to the fact that he had already started an important program in the WWE rings with his son, and for a matter of ethics and morals towards Vince McMahon, who despite everything has always paid for the "bread" that Rey has brought to the table for several years until now.

In recent weeks, Mysterio’s son Dominik has been a focal point of Monday Night RAW and he has been performing at a level that belies his experience. That will have been a big draw for Rey in any negotiations and the fact that WWE has fast-tracked his son and put him in so many important spots certainly carries weight.