*Spoiler* Mercedes Martinez could be headed to the main roster

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*Spoiler* Mercedes Martinez could be headed to the main roster

As anyone who saw the latest episode of NXT that aired this week may have noticed, former NXT champion Rhea Ripley defeated Mercedes Martinez in a match within the Steel Cage, with the Australian from NXT thus having probably ended her feud with the entire Robert Stone brand, which had been going on for some time.

The woman who came out defeated from the match is reportedly said to have ended her commitments with the yellow WWE roster. In the last few days, in fact, there has been a lot of talk about the fact that Martinez could be one of the still unknown members of the Retribution, with the last message sent from the backstage of Monday Night Raw seeming to leave no more doubts.

Update on Mercedes Martinez

According to the commentators of the NXT evening, which aired exceptionally on Tuesday for the second week in a row, Mercedes Martinez may have finished her stint on the yellow roster for good.

According to some phrases and some behaviors of the members of the commentary table, the athlete could now devote himself completely to his new projects, with the Retribution that seems to appear in the distance on the Raw rings and with the Martinez that should be just a staple of the stable.

After also losing her last match, crashed on a table inside the cage that surrounded the ring at the hands of the former NXT champion Rhea Ripley, also according to the WrestlingNews site, the now former NXT athlete should permanently marry on ring of the Stamford company's red show.

Soon, in fact, the Retribution should change once again, discovering other cards after those already seen in the episode of last Monday, with some insiders and some fans of the WWE Universe who seem to have already unmasked the almost complete stable, as reported from us at WorldWrestling yesterday.

Mercedes Martinez will turn 40 this year, which doesn’t give her a lot of time to perform in WWE. Another rumored member of Retribution, Dominik Dijakovic, had a similar farewell match in NXT a few weeks ago against Karrion Kross.

WWE could be using the match against Ripley as a way to write out Martinez, and later debut as part of the stable. It seems like this could be the farewell for Martinez on the black-and-gold brand, as several fans noted that Martinez’s voice was apparently used during the RETRIBUTION promo this week.