The latest on WWE's 2021 Royal Rumble location

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The latest on WWE's 2021 Royal Rumble location

WWE is facing this 2020 by facing the health emergency and has already organized two Big Four with no audience (a completely closed WrestleMania and an edition of SummerSlam in the ThunderDome). It will most likely go towards similar Survivor Series, but at Stamford they have every intention of interrupting this type of programming, to return to normal (or at least something that closely resembles it).

And that leads to 2021 Royal Rumble. This year was the last great WWE event held in front of a large audience, which also lost their minds when Drew McIntyre eliminated the dominant Brock Lesnar, Edge participated by surprise in the brawl with 30 men and then Scottish Psychopath himself won it.

A real success also thanks to the presence of the fans, so much so that in WWE they want to do everything possible to replicate it. Also in this perspective, indications are bouncing from America according to which WWE already has an idea about the city in which to host the great event, even if it has not yet wanted to make it public.

An important detail, given that in July there was talk of an officialization that would arrive by the end of August, which then did not happen.

Plans for WWE's 2021 Royal Rumble put on hold

To collect the latest updates on the story was 'WrestleVotes', which confirmed what we have previously reported: that WWE wants to play the Royal Rumble in front of a live audience and that it already has a rough idea of where this could occur.

The decision, however, is not yet final, and the reason is that the leaders of Stamford want to use the NBA and NHL as "guinea pigs" In other words, based on how the next basketball and ice hockey championships will be organized, WWE will collect data on the security and capacity levels of the various American arenas and only then will make a final decision.

This latest update on the 2021 Royal Rumble is the second one WrestleVotes have provided since this summer. WWE had originally planned on announcing the date and location for the event in early August, however, due to the ongoing pandemic, those plans were put on hold with details changing.

With the success of the WWE ThunderDome, it does make that a realistic location for 2021 Royal Rumble, if all else fails. The unpredictability of this year for WWE has caused changes all around, after all. Originally taking place at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, Wrestlemania 36 was forced to be broadcasted from the WWE Performance Center.