Andrew Yang Comments on WWE’s Business Tactics

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Andrew Yang Comments on WWE’s Business Tactics

Andrew Yang is a former Democratic presidential candidate and he recently spoke about WWE’s business tactics. Yang is making headlines in the world of professional wrestling after he openly spoke against Vince McMahon.

Vince McMahon recently told all WWE stars to end relationships with third parties by the 2nd of October. The stars will not be allowed to sign any deals outside of the US now. The WWE also labels its wrestlers as independent contractors.

Yang stated that this is a “ridiculous misclassification”.

Andrew Yang on WWE's Business Tactics

Yang spoke to famous interviewer Chris Van Vilet recently. He spoke about WWE’s business tactics. Yang stated that WWE wants to control everything that their talents do.

"It's part of the WWE saying they wanted to ban Cameo or Twitch," Yang stated. "It really infuriates me because they've been trying to play it both ways for years. On one hand they are saying, 'You can't do anything and we own you, but you're an independent contractor and we have nothing to do with your health and retirement or any benefits that come as an employee.'

They have to make a choice at some point. "If they are going to control all of these aspects of their performer's lives, then they should take some responsibility for those people, bigger picture," Yang continued.

"If they have a kid, maybe they get maternity or paternity leave, maybe they get an offseason, maybe they get proper recovery time. I say this as someone who has been a longtime fan of the sport. They are putting their lives and health on the line all the time.

They made Vince a billionaire and the fact that he's being so heavy-handed about them making a buck on the side on Cameo just struck me as absurd, ridiculous and wrong. It's past time someone calls Vince out for this and if Joe [Biden] and Kamala [Harris] win, I may be in position to do something about this."

He also commented on WWE and Disney. He stated that Disney never claims that it owns the actors that start in their movies. "I really do not [think it's a fair comparison]," Andrew Yang responded. "There's no doubt in anyone's mind that if an actor or actress plays Belle from Beauty And The Beast, it's not actually Belle and they don't live in a magic castle with the Beast.

Therefore, if the actor turns around and does something on their own accord, everyone knows it's for hire and she's doing something else. They don't claim to own Emma Watson. With professional wrestlers, you inhabit a character but you're still a human being and should still be able to do things like any other human could do”.