Latest on Roman Reigns

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Latest on Roman Reigns

One of the most shocking events of recent weeks is the return to WWE after a long time of Roman Reigns. The wrestler, who returned as Heel, during Friday Night Smackdown, won the title of WWE Universal Champion in a Triple Threat Match in WWE's Pay Per View at Payback.

In addition to winning the title, another surprising episode involving The Big Dog is certainly the alliance with Paul Heyman, who, after being the manager of Brock Lesnar, has now become the trusted advisor to the new champion.

The two have already established the first themes of what could prove to be one of the longest reigns of recent times in WWE with the federation putting a lot of emphasis on Roman Reigns' qualities in these new guises.

For the next Pay per View of Clash of Champions the challenger of the new Universal Champion will be Jey Uso, cousin of Roman Reigns.

Update on Roman Reigns

Well-known journalist Dave Meltzer talked about WWE's future plans for Roman Reigns and his champion reign over the course of Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

It was very surprising that in the next Pay per View there is no rematch between Roman Reigns and The Fiend, but the journalist explained the reasons for this choice. Roman Reigns has recently become one of the most important Heels in recent WWE history and one of Vince McMahon's goals is to turn The Fiend into a great Babyface in order to ensure a great rivalry between the two.

WWE has postponed the match between the two with the aim of seeing a rematch for the title between Reigns and The Fiend in the next WrestleMania, Pay per View that Vince McMahon and the whole federation care a lot about. Roman Reigns returned to WWE recently after choosing to stay put due to the health emergency, a situation that concerned him particularly closely given the illness suffered in the recent past.

Reigns has been one of the most engaging characters in all of professional wrestling since his return to WWE at SummerSlam. He has injected the company's product with an energy it desperately needed and provided fans something to cling onto at a time while creative has struggled elsewhere and it has not gone unnoticed.

If The Big Dog's renaissance continues, WWE officials and management must consider broadening Heyman's influence on it even further. Doing so may be the company's creative saving grace as it enters a part of the year that is not necessarily synonymous with a great product.