Update on Billie Kay's WWE future

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Update on Billie Kay's WWE future

On Monday Night Raw's edition two weeks ago, WWE saw the split after a roughly 5-year Tag Team tenure of the IIconics. This team was divided and even the two challenged one against one in a singles match on Raw that saw Peyton Royce beat former Tag Team partner and best friend Billie Kay without particular problems.

If for the first a push from a single wrestler at high levels is expected, the situation of Billie Kay appears at the moment a different torrent.

Rumors on Billie Kay

In the course of Wrestling Observer Newsletter Dave Meltzer took stock of the future of the wrestler, for whom expectations appear far from rosy at the moment.

Here are the words of the reporter: "It is now evident that there are no real plans for Billie Kay's future in WWE. At the moment the most credible lead for the wrestler is that she quits and everyone in WWE knows this thing by now."

Vince McMahon is betting heavily on Peyton Royce's single wrestler career and for this reason the IIconics group has been disbanded. Australian wrestler Billie Kay recently revealed her friendship with WWE legend The Rock.

The wrestler said that meeting The Rock was one of the greatest moments of her life, here are some of her words: "We talked for a few seconds and we saw some things about the IIconics together, we both said we were going to the big and a couple of other little things.

Several people from high school contacted me after I posted the photo, people I hadn't heard from in about ten years and told me how proud they were of me. Now we are friends, we are very friends and we hear from time to time through messages on the phone and on Twitter.

I think I have been very lucky in my life to have a friend like The Rock, something that I often think back and consider as absurd and surreal." WWE broke up the IIconics during Monday’s edition of RAW, the pair lost a match against The Riott Squad, with a stipulation that whatever team loses “is no more”.

The reason behind the split was something to give Peyton Royce a singles push according to Mike Johnson of PWInsider Elite (subscription required). Several people within the company have revealed WWE wants to go in a different direction with her as a singles star.

This does not mean Billie Kay will be leaving the company, although she may be taking time off television, and moved to SmackDown.