Update on Rey Mysterio's WWE injury status

Here's when WWE expects Mysterio to be back in the ring

by Simone Brugnoli
Update on Rey Mysterio's WWE injury status

As we know, Rey Mysterio has currently stopped wrestling and is unavailable to tread the WWE and Raw rings due to the consequences of an injury suffered in Payback. On that occasion, in fact, Mister 619 reported a problem of moderate entity in the triceps of one arm, the same injury that has been keeping Edge away from the Stamford company ring for several months now.

Precisely the delicateness of the situation, combined with the age of the wrestler, makes it rather difficult to make a precise estimate of recovery times. In the meantime, however, new indications are arriving from America on the times that should be needed by the San Diego athlete before being available again.

The update comes from Dave Meltzer, who talked about it on his 'Wrestling Observer Radio' The popular journalist in fact spoke of an absence from the ring for Rey Mysterio which should be around four, maximum six weeks. For a total, therefore, which in the worst case should not exceed a month and a half of stop.

Update on Rey Mysterio

A bad thing to worry about, in consideration of the fact that in these weeks Raw is proceeding to the definitive launch of the son, Dominick Mysterio. Yet the situation is decidedly less delicate than it could have been, as explained by Meltzer himself a few days ago.

"Fortunately, his triceps injury is not a complete tear and therefore the initial suspicions about his injury are less serious than expected. There is no need for an operation, a situation that initially involved a stop of even 8 months", he had in fact explained the veteran among journalists dealing with wrestling globally.

It is important to note that Rey Mysterio is trying to do everything possible to speed up her recovery times, so much so that we are talking about a therapy that she is undergoing every day in order to try to reduce to the bone the expected time of absence from the ring.

And return as soon as possible to help Dominick in his feuds, which on Raw are already becoming medium-high level. Rey was on this week's episode of Raw despite his injuries, supporting Dominik in the ongoing feud with Murphy, whom the younger Mysterio defeated in a Street Fight.

The entire family then came together to demolish Rollins' (former?) disciple with kendo sticks as the show came to a close. Per Mysterio's Instagram, the 45-year-old underwent platelet-rich plasma treatment in California over the weekend.

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