Jeff Hardy Wishes to Bring Back “Willow”

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Jeff Hardy Wishes to Bring Back “Willow”

Legendary WWE Superstar Jeff Hardy wishes to bring back his “Willow” character before he retires. Just like many popular WWE superstars, Jeff Hardy worked for other wrestling promotions after he left WWE. He spent most of his time outside WWE working for TNA, present day Impact Wrestling.

Impact Wrestling is no longer a very popular promotion. Impact Wrestling at one time had a roster full of stars. Some WWE legends joined the promotion and they were doing well. They never could compete with WWE, but they managed to sign some big names.

Eric Bischoff, Sting, Hulk Hogan and Kurt Angle are some of the WWE legends that worked for TNA/Impact Wrestling.

Jeff Hardy Wishes to Bring Back “Willow”

Jeff Hardy was one of the top superstars during his time at Impact Wrestling.

In fact, he regularly competed against the top TNA stars and he managed to win a few world titles during that time. He even managed to win the Impact World title and defended it against multiple opponents. He also feuded with some wrestlers that some consider to be the best of all time, such as Sting.

He feuded with Sting multiple times at TNA. Eventually, he teamed up with his brother Matt Hardy and made his way back to WWE. In the WWE, Matt and Jeff returned as the legendary, The Hardy Boyz. The Hardy Boyz were one of the most successful WWE teams of all time.

Even as a solo wrestler, Jeff Hardy was known for his high risk moves and ability to perform complex aerial moves without much problem. He also worked very well with his brother Matt Hardy in tag team matches and was able to perform unique moves with him.

However, just like many top WWE wrestlers, he had more than one character. His most famou character in TNA was called ‘Willow’. He didn’t stay long enough in TNA to see the character reach its full potential.

"Years ago, I used to be Jeff Hardy and then I'd be this guy called Willow," Hardy said. "Willow was kind of my go-to wrestling persona. That's another dream of mine before I'm done. I want to bring Willow into the WWE Universe and see what could happen.

"I just have a strange feeling that something crazy cool could happen between Willow and The Fiend." Jeff Hardy is almost at the end of his career.