*Spoiler* Bray Wyatt welcomes a new member in the Firefly Funhouse

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*Spoiler* Bray Wyatt welcomes a new member in the Firefly Funhouse

In recent weeks, former WWE Universal Champion Bray Wyatt had announced that a new character would become the star of his weekly Firefly Fun House episodes of McMahon's Friday night show Smackdown. In the last episode of the blue show that aired in the night, in fact, Wyatt finally presented the long-awaited rookie, who many believed was a puppet with the features of Alexa Bliss.

As reported by us at WorldWrestling, however, already on Sunday, WWE had bought the rights to the name Wobbly Walrus days ago, which many had already hypothesized could be the new character who would soon enter the Wyatt Fun House and so it was.

Bray Wyatt introduces a new member in the Firefly Funhouse

In the latest episode of Friday Night Smackdown which aired on Fox in the night, a segment of the Firefly Fun House discovered that initially Bray Wyatt's friend who was to be introduced was a parrot, named Pasquale The Persevering Parrot, with Wyatt being in presenting it he took a box and opening it he realized how the parrot was dead and with the former Universal champion who let himself go the comment "I probably should have made some holes in this box"

Putting aside the offending box, the moment has come for the appearance of the puppet dedicated to Vince McMahon, who made his appearance, telling Wyatt that he had lost faith in him after what happened. Not even the time to finish the sentence, that the puppet version of Vince McMahon thinks well to present the new character of the Fun House, or Wobbly Walrus, a walrus in a tie with features and ways of doing very similar to those of Paul Heyman.

Fans were hoping to see Alexa Bliss in the Funhouse. She got built up for weeks as the long-lost Sister Abigail. WWE is aware of it and continued teasing the fans with a special development earlier. However, the segment was really fun to watch.

Now that “The Fiend” has a special advisor of his own, we wonder what they will be up to? The segment began with Bray addressing the title loss by saying, “Something very special is missing from the Funhouse”.

He went on to introduce a new parrot character to us, named Pasquale, the preserving parrot. Unfortunately, the parrot died in the box while waiting as Bray admitted he should have cut some holes in the box. Anyway, after a while, the “evil” Vince McMahon puppet entered and scolded Bray Wyatt for his poor management. He said Bray Wyatt is losing his trust. To run the Funhouse better, Vince brought in a “special advisor”.