Finn Balor discusses the level of competition in NXT

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Finn Balor discusses the level of competition in NXT

In the special episode NXT: Super Tuesday on September 1, Finn Balor participated in a 60-minute Iron Man Fatal 4-Way match which also included Adam Cole, Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa for the reassignment of the vacant NXT Championship but the match ended in a tie between Bálor himself and Cole at 2-2.

In the September 2 episode of NXT (which aired on September 8) Bálor defeated Adam Cole to win the vacant NXT Championship for the second time. In a new interview with Bleacher Report, he discussed the level of competition in NXT.

Finn Balor on NXT

“[Johnny] Gargano, [Tommaso] Ciampa, [Matt] Riddle, Damian Priest, all these guys you’ve seen me lock up with at a TakeOver was the first time I’d ever locked up with them. There was no training, there were no live events, there were no television matches, they’re all big, big matches.

That element of not knowing how someone feels, how they move, their nuances in the ring, their footwork, really gives you a sense of feeling that live in the ring. It’s really a sink or swim mentality, and I feel like it’s brought the best out of me as a performer in the last 11 months" - Finn Balor said.

“I feel like that was such a huge moment in my career. That was my first WrestleMania, and a lot of people were expecting me to go to the route of The Demon, and maybe we could’ve done that and no one would’ve complained, but what we did that night was not only bigger than The Demon but bigger than me and bigger than wrestling.

That was a statement about society and acceptance and inclusion and diversity … I think that’s influenced a lot of things in the time that’s passed and it’s a direction we need to continue to go. There’s a lot of movements out there that need our help.

I feel sometimes as a society that if we don’t mention something that it’s OK, but we really need to stand up and show our support for these movements and the Black Lives Matter movement recently and the Speaking Out movement recently.

These are things we need to actively show our support for, and I think the company has done an incredible job because society has had a lot of hard times recently,” Finn Balor continued. “Not only medically, but also psychologically and mentally.

I feel like we need to make our platform and use our platform to the best of our ability to spread a positive message, and if I can do that in any way then I feel like that’s my responsibility”.