WWE fans think SmackDown mystery woman is Carmella

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WWE fans think SmackDown mystery woman is Carmella

In the latest episodes of Smackdown aired on the American television station FOX, the WWE aired some promos that featured a beautiful mysterious athlete, whose face has never been captured by the cameras, with the curvy blonde of the blue show that he should soon debut or most likely return to the rings of the McMahon-owned company.

If some clues had already led fans to think that the mysterious athlete was none other than Carmella, the former champion of the blue show absent for months from the WWE rings, also due to the pandemic that forced several Superstars of the WWE, it seems that the last piece has arrived tonight, in the last episode that was aired on the same channel as always in the USA, with a tattoo on one arm that would leave no room for any doubt about the woman's identity.

In the last video clip aired on the SuperDome by the Stamford-located company at Friday Night Smackdown, in fact, the mysterious blonde woman, this time is said to have been shot in full while dressing, but from the back.

Rumors on SmackDown mystery woman: Is she, Carmella?

The peculiarity that prompted fans and professionals to raise any kind of doubt about his identity, was the presence of an almost transparent tattoo, but still clearly visible on one of the girl's arms.

Apparently, making a quick comparison with Carmella's physique and tattoos on other photos found online, these details seem to fit perfectly, with WWE Universe fans who would no longer have any doubts. At one point we see the woman looking into the mirror as she gets dressed, and during one point you can see a tattoo on her left arm.

Once fans noticed the tattoo they got to work looking for a match, and as you can see below, Carmella has one just like it and in the same place, making it a pretty sure bet that she is the mystery woman. Even without the tattoo, you can see the similarities between Carmella and the mystery woman, and it doesn't hurt that the furs shown in one of the videos is quite similar to some of her looks in NXT when she was still working with Enzo and Cass.

The fact that she's been off WWE television for a bit only furthers this theory, as it would be time for a new gimmick or repackaging as it were, especially since she is coming to the high profile SmackDown.