Randy Orton makes a major announcement

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Randy Orton makes a major announcement

Many of the WWE Superstars have always had projects outside the WWE, with the same company almost always accepting such hobbies and activities as long as they did not conflict with the same federation, such as participation in some films of wrestlers who work for Vince McMahon's company, with parts that could have made the WWE name stand out if they had made a big success in the cinema and so on.

What has often been seen, moreover, is also the fact that some wrestlers of the McMahon company, created their own clothing line, with clothes signed by those directly involved, who thus wear some of these clothes in the ring, with fans.

who can thus dress just like their favorites, without having to go through the official WWE Shop of McMahon. After the birth in recent years of various clothing lines, passing through women's underwear and arriving at hats or T-shirts or even Hulk Hogan's personal shop located in Tampa, his city of residence for many years, it is news of the latest hours the one that also sees the former WWE Champion Randy Orton wanting to open his very personal clothing line dedicated to the famous RKO brand.

Apparently, following the link that Randy Orton himself gave to his fans, we arrive at an online shop that is not yet equipped for sale, but still shows several items of clothing of his line, with references to Orton that are clear, such as snake designs or the famous RKO brand, not to mention the wrestler's date of birth, which is 1980.

Randy Orton launches his clothing line

The clothing line takes the name of SLTR and will initially be given to some lucky fans who will respond with a comment in the last photo posted by Orton on the official page of his new business.

As always, even the WWE wrestlers outside of wrestling always find another great activity to be able to scrape together something, both from the economic point of view and from the point of view of fame. The Viper went on to challenge McIntyre for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam, but lost the match.

He was interrupted by Keith Lee on the episode of RAW the following night. The two locked horns at WWE Payback, where Lee defeated Orton. Randy Orton had sent McIntyre to the hospital with storyline injury after attacking him backstage.

But during last week’s RAW, the Scottish Psychopath arrived at the ring in an ambulance and unloaded a beating on Orton. The two brawled later in the backstage once again.