Possible direction for Sasha Banks and Bayley feud

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Possible direction for Sasha Banks and Bayley feud
Possible direction for Sasha Banks and Bayley feud (Provided by Wrestling World)

The storyline of the female category that has attracted all the attention on itself in recent months, is the one that has involved the Friday Night Smackdown champion Bayley and her now ex-best friend Sasha Banks, with the two who have been inseparable for months, so much so that they have even won all the titles available in the main roster, with Sasha who in one juncture was the champion of Monday Night Raw and WWE couple champion and Bayley who instead held the other tag team Champion belt and the title which she currently still owns.

After the brutal beating with which Bayley literally declared war on her now-enemy Sasha, the two entered into a conflict that had been expected for some time, with the first rumors that saw the two splitting, which had been going on even before Wrestlemania, but with WWE's plans that were literally turned upside down by the pandemic that then hit the entire globe.

Update on Sasha Banks and Bayley

According to what was reported by the well-known overseas site, Wrestling Observer, it seems that the first epic clash between the two Smackdown girls should arrive no earlier than the ppv Hell in a Cell, with the two who should even enter the hellish cage to put the first important piece in their feud.

According to what was always reported by the Observer journalists, the match of next 25 October, or the date of the ppv Hell in a Cell, should be the very first clash between the two with the match between Nikki Cross and Bayley on 27 September, which it should therefore only be a fallback for the champion.

Despite this, in the next episode of the blue show the presence of Sasha Banks has already been advertised, which will return on-screen after the beating received by her friend, without knowing yet in what physical condition the blue-haired girl will appear.

According to what is also hypothesized by the Observer journalists, this feud should be a long-term program and should therefore end in a few months and not with a single big match at HIAC. It was also noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Sasha Banks and Bayley will likely compete against each other at the Hell In A Cell event.

Before that, Bayley is scheduled to defend her Smackdown Women’s Title against Nikki Cross at Clash of Champions on September 27th. With Banks currently absent from WWE television to sell the brutal beatdown she received from her, fans have been wondering when the two will finally face off.

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