Why WWE said Jeff Hardy did 'not lose consciousness'

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Why WWE said Jeff Hardy did 'not lose consciousness'

Many times on the WWE TV screens, in the weekly episodes of its shows or in the monthly PPVs, the McMahon-owned federation broadcasts segments or commercials that many do not understand or that are of dubious taste. One of these strange events happened on the latest episode of the blue show, Friday Night Smackdown, as well, where Jeff Hardy after being attacked by Sami Zayn in his titled match against AJ Styles, fell to the ground in the exit from the ramp and the Company reporters were keen to point out that Jeff had not lost consciousness.

For the many of you who follow AEW and therefore the exploits of Jeff's older brother, former WWE star Matt Hardy, the reference was very clear to what happened in the PPV All Out, with Matt falling abruptly to the ground after an I fly from several meters high, falling on my head and scaring thousands and thousands of fans around the world to death

Did WWE make fun of AEW for its safety with athletes?

According to what was reported by the American site Ringside News, apparently the angle staged at Smackdown, was said to have been strongly desired by the Chairman of the WWE, Vince McMahon himself, with the patron of the company who wanted to stage this segment for two very specific reasons.

The first was that Vince wanted to highlight the great work WWE would be doing on the big problem of concussions in his athletes, with the new prevention program that would be booming thanks to the tireless work of the company's medical staff.

The second reason, however, was a real spite against the AEW, or Vince wanted to emphasize how the medical staff of the Khan federation and the management itself, remained impassive to see Matt Hardy continue the match, without anyone.

stopped him immediately and without anyone immediately taking him to the hospital for the first medical checks. In a tweet, Ringside News' Matt Carrier said, "We've been told that line about Jeff Hardy not losing consciousnesses was a Vince line.

It was inserted because they are "concerned about concussion protocol and the backlash from it," but it was "also was a shot at AEW and the way they handled the Matt Hardy situation." Apparently the "Wednesday night" war would also be expanding into other places and ways, with the WWE patron apparently lighting the fuse of a bomb that could sooner or later explode, hitting anyone in its path.